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How people searching for food and restaurant in Finland

April 23, 2013 | iTurku , iTurku Magazine | By admin | 0 Comments

In Finland, most people spend their free time in food places. Finnish like to go with friends and family to quality restaurants. Most searches are carried out like this: ravintola ravintolat ravintolan lounasravintola ravintoloita kiinalainen ravintola ruokala A decent restaurant with a good food should be around €10-€30. In Finland many fast food or pizzeria […]


Online Store – Ostetaan

April 1, 2013 | Online shop , Sales | By admin | 0 Comments

Amazon tilaus Turusta tai missä tahansa Suomessa on erittäin helppoa. Huomaathan, että Amazon Amerikka ei omista Liitymme Voimme tarjota amazonin postikulut Helsingissä tai Suomessa. Amazon Visa Electronilla, voit ostaa mitä tahansa. Etsitkö Volvo Amazon osia? Kyllä, meillä on Volvo Amazon osaluettelo. Osat ovat erittäin halpoja ja helppo siirtää Suomessa. Tarjoamme Amazon Kindle Suomi […]


Search for Business Management and Consultation Services

December 5, 2012 | Business Management , Business Management and Consultation Services , Business Mangement and Consultation , Small and medium-sized enterprises , SMEs | By admin | 0 Comments

Most of the Finnish people want to grow their Business with Management and Consultation through reliable Services. What kind of services Finnish businesses looking for? Mostly these areas are searched. Marketing clients from Local and Global Markets Web Design Online Scheduling Solutions Hosting E-Commerce Import & Export Sales HR Management Production Development Communication Quality Assurance […]