How people searching for food and restaurant in Finland

April 23, 2013 | iTurku , iTurku Magazine | By admin | 0 Comments

In Finland, most people spend their free time in food places. Finnish like to go with friends and family to quality restaurants.

Most searches are carried out like this:






kiinalainen ravintola


A decent restaurant with a good food should be around €10-€30. In Finland many fast food or pizzeria meals are available. Most of them are under €10. Also burger meals can be around €5-€8 (including drink and fries), kebabs and pizzas are about the same.

Most of the restaurants can be reached until 10-11PM, on weekends some of them open more hours. Fast food chains, pizzerias are open later at night.

Hesburger food chain is the leading burger chain in Finland, and you will find several of them in every big or many small cities. Pizzerias are known to be kebab-pizzerias, proposing both Turkish kebab and Italian pizza dishes on their menu.