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How people searching for food and restaurant in Finland

In Finland, most people spend their free time in food places. Finnish like to go with friends and family to quality restaurants.

Most searches are carried out like this:






kiinalainen ravintola


A decent restaurant with a good food should be around €10-€30. In Finland many fast food or pizzeria meals are available. Most of them are under €10. Also burger meals can be around €5-€8 (including drink and fries), kebabs and pizzas are about the same.

Most of the restaurants can be reached until 10-11PM, on weekends some of them open more hours. Fast food chains, pizzerias are open later at night.

Hesburger food chain is the leading burger chain in Finland, and you will find several of them in every big or many small cities. Pizzerias are known to be kebab-pizzerias, proposing both Turkish kebab and Italian pizza dishes on their menu.

Searching for Car dealerships in Turku? Autokaupat Turku

Every year many people want to buy a new car or a used car. In a big city, like Helsinki or Turku, it is very easy to find car dealers; however this is not the case in smaller areas in Finland to find some reliable dealer. Don’t let them exploit you or maybe trick you a little bit. Find your deal of automotive on . Many Finnish prefer to purchase cars from the dealers or people they know. As every car is inspected regularly every year in Finland, it is very hard to fool someone completely.

Once you made your mind, just search with following words, for example, if you are looking for car in Turku city:

autokaupat Turku – car dealerships in Turku

vaihtoauto turku – used car in Turku

autoliike Turku – car dealership in Turku

autoliikkeet Turku – car dealerships in Turku

vaihtoautot turku – exchange cars in Turku

autokauppa turku – car sales in Turku

Turku autoliikeet – Turku car dealerships

autoliikkeitä turku – car dealerships in Turku


These are the keywords mostly used in the websites which are selling cars. Moreover, many of these dealers have English pages, too.

 These keywords are searched more than 10000 in a month on Google from Finland:









auto myynti

auto net

käytetty auto

käytettyjä autoja

myydään auto

auto laakkonen

auton myynti

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Online Store - Ostetaan

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Search for Business Management and Consultation Services

Most of the Finnish people want to grow their Business with Management and Consultation through reliable Services.

What kind of services Finnish businesses looking for?

Mostly these areas are searched.

  • Marketing clients from Local and Global Markets
  • Web Design
  • Online Scheduling Solutions
  • Hosting
  • E-Commerce
  • Import & Export
  • Sales
  • HR Management
  • Production Development
  • Communication
  • Quality Assurance
  • Logistic Support
  • Industry Expertise


What are SMEs?

Companies can be categorized according to their size depending upon their number of employees and turnover or balance sheet total.

Company category Employees Turnover or Balance sheet total
Medium-sized < 250 ≤ € 50 m ≤ € 43 m
Small < 50 ≤ € 10 m ≤ € 10 m
Micro < 10 ≤ € 2 m ≤ € 2 m

These ceilings apply to the figures for individual firms only. A firm which is part of larger grouping may need to include employee/turnover/balance sheet data from that grouping too.

The main factors determining whether a new firm or company will be successful or not, in today’s information age, depends upon its internet presence(website), connection with other businesses (local and foreign) and information flow.

In Finland many SMEs form collaborations to tackle with ever changing world.