See the Finnish Innovation Magic! Catch the hungry birds!!!

  1. Find the Academic Innovators, Researchers, Creators, and Authors
  2. Find the Advanced Innovative Research, Project, Ideas, Mockruns, Cold Tests, Services, and Products
  3. Find the Appraised Value in Euro (Negotiable)
  4. Find the Current Stages of business: Just an Idea, Startup, in Growth Stage or wanted to internationalize.
  5. Find the Venture Capital and Investment requirements in Euro
  6. Find the Mood of investment: Sale, Partnership, Shares Offer, Credit line

iTurku Innovation Maps invite the world to the mastery of Finnish creativeness!

An Opportunity for Local and International Investors and Industries

to immediately see, to find, and decide investment deals:

  1. Where are the real research, science, and innovation happening in Turku?
  2. What are the innovation trends in Finland?
  3. What are the future products and services Finnish are developing for its international clients?

iTurku innovation maps a link between “Local Innovation” with focus on “International Investors, and Clients.”

Lets’ make your startup happen, Let it grow and make it internationalized.

From ideas to products and services.

We provide the guidance and access point where the innovative latest “Ideas” are being generated and how they can become the “Futuristic Practical Products and Services.” A SmartCity initiative for the smart people.

A simple guide for the local and foreign investors to find:

  1. Revolutionary novel innovations and technologies;
  2. Innovative tech startups and growth companies;
  3. Innovative products and systems

Capturing the movement of the compilation of great business ideas > Seizing the action of a great product and service of the future

A watchful innovation map on the innovation customs and habits of Finland!

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*At your doorstep in Finland*

iTurku Innovation Maps Reveal the Finnish Innovation and Creative Secrets.

We are inventing the future via funnish Finnish style! A visual map of the visible innovation…